Murder by Zoom

Zoom can often feel like murder, so why not use it to solve one!

Are you looking for a different idea on how to bring your team together to celebrate the end of the year? Do you need an alternative Christmas party to allow you to connect with people when you can’t physically be in the same space? Do you want more than just another online quiz?

Then why not take the opportunity to use your problem solving skills and find out whodunnit!

An image of a cartoon detective standing in front of a dead body with blood pooling on the floor. 
The caption says: "Murder by Zoom. Zoom can often feel like murder, so why not use it to solve one!"

Detective Vic will guide your team through a fun filled event where you will all take on the role of a suspect.

You’ll all assume a new identity and bring the suspects to life using suggested costumes, virtual backgrounds and zoom filters. Over the course of the event you’ll all have the opportunity to interrogate each other to determine “whodunnit”

We have various themes for you to choose:

Year Round Themes:

  • Bumped off at the Barbeque (up to 10 suspects)
  • Murder at the Garden Party (up to 16 suspects)
  • Murder at the Big Manor (up to 20 suspects)

Christmas Themes:

  • The Christmas Killer (up to 8 suspects)
  • A Very Merry Christmas Murder (up to 8 suspects)
  • Murder at the Christmas Party (up to 16 suspects)

All the themes can be expanded with additional players playing as detectives.

For extra fun, prizes can be awarded for the top detective, the best dressed suspect or even the best actor

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